providing clients & individuals with a comprehensive range of coaching & talent management services


  • career navigator individual & corporate

    We provide an extensive list of programs for both Individual and Corporate clients. Individual programs are specifically tailored according to circumstance and individual needs. Corporate programs are designed to equip employees with the abilities needed to realise the benefits of an effective job search campaign.
  • cv design & development

    Based on 30 years experience of talent management and executive search at a variety of levels, we offer a CV or Résumé design and development service. From new graduates to seasoned senior management.
  • executive & career coaching

    Coaching really does help people to improve, develop, learn new skills, find personal success, achieve aims, manage change and overcome personal challenges. It is a way to empower people to realise their full potential within the organisational context.
  • executive search

    A targeted and rigorous reasearch process that is geared to finding the best available candidate that meets the requirements. Re-assurement of a highly structured approach. Regular progress reports and updates demonstrating evidence of progress, candidate names and status. Bespoke to clients specific requirements.
  • interim management

    A rigorous and high touch process which delivers optimum benefit to clients. Face to face briefing with the relevant hiring manager to ensure a thorough understanding of the requirements. Providing a comprehensive suite of documents including a Candidate Scorecard to ensure clients are able to make empirical and informed comparisons when conducting interviews.
  • specialist resourcing

    Assisting Companies in navigating the uncertainty of finding the right expertise thus providing superior decision making support. Our range of interim and consultancy resources is invaluable to major organisations and SME's addressing sourcing and other project related business issues. Our flexible and scalable approach provides clients with competitive advantage, resulting in lower costs and added value.
  • federation of small business

    Christopher Fry and Associates is proud to be a member of the Federation of Small Business. We reflect the values and objectives of FSB. We are an active and enthusiastic supporter of FSB and are offering our full range of services exclusively to FSB Members that reflect significantly discounted fees together with preferential terms and conditions of business and a number of value added services available.
  • code of conduct

    Christopher Fry and Associates observe provisions and goals of the Executive Search Voluntary Code of Conduct to which approaching 100 firms have now signed up to. Addressing gender diversity on corporate boards and best practise for the related search process. We consider that this code of professional conduct applies to all key appointments within an organisation be it private or public sector.

Federation of Small Business


Christopher Fry and Associates is proud to be a member of the Federation for Small Business.  We reflect the values and objectives of the FSB.  The corporate mission of the FSB simply states “Our mission is to help smaller businesses achieve their ambitions.”

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    We meet all client resourcing needs by always putting client's interests first. We customise our services to meet your needs. We maintain contact with you from start to finish and ensure satisfaction via a personalised service.

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    We have over a century's worth of combined experience. We formed in early 2010 and span the primary business and technical disciplines, including Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance and Administration, IT and Security (Risk Management). We are a generalist firm but able to offer specialist expertise by way of Career Navigation, Coaching and Executive Search. The provision of Interim Managers is drawn from an extensive talent bank and network of highly skilled individuals and specialists. We have the facility to draw on those specialist skills support client assignments as required.

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